Lupins History of Black Bourton

Although this is the History of Black Bourton, it was written when Black Bourton included the whole of the area where Carterton is now

Lupton History PREFACE.
Miss M. G. Lupton, daughter of the Rev. James Lupton, Vicar of Black Bourton (who died in 1874), for many years occupied herself in making collections for the history of the parish, which she loved, and in every particular relating to which she took the greatest interest. She died 6th January, 1901, and as she had been for several years a member of our Society, her niece, Miss Emily S. May, into whose hands her papers came, submitted them to the Council with a proposal for publication. Miss Lupton had some time .previously issued a small prospectus and had obtained a few promises of subscription ; but the scale on which she had worked was such as to require considerable compression and revision. Were this done, the Council determined to undertake the printing, the book being a valuable contribution to local history, - such as it is the object of our Society to illustrate and record. The MS. was consequently put into my hands, with full liberty to deal with it, and to omit such portions as appeared to be drawn from well- known printed sources, or to contain nothing of special local interest. The following chapters have consequently been omitted : General Introduction. Local Industries (these being only such as are common to the whole district). - Accounts of the Hungerford and Elers families. Long account of the life of Sir Arthur Hopton. The parish is one which deserves the loving pains bestowed upon its history by Miss Lupton. Historic names are connected with it. Besides those of Hunger- ford and Hopton, Francis Knollis, who claimed to be Earl of Banbury, is found among its Vicars, and Richard Lovell Edgeworth, the father of Maria Edge¬worth, lived in the place and was married in the Church. W. D. MACRAY.

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Early History of Carterton

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