Abbreviations used


The records listed are mainly from the internet. Some obtained from web sites with free access to records and others via subscription to the website.

CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission (free searches)

FREE BMD free searches of Births, Marriages and Deaths

CENSUSES    free and fee paying


ANCESTRY.CO.UK fee paying


FIND MY PAST        fee paying


LATTERDAY SAINTS         free searches


CENSUSES — these were taken every 10 years from 1841 and give a variety of details depending on the year.

The basic records include the names, status (single, married, widowed) , age, place of birth, relationship to the household, ( head, wife, visitor) occupation and sometimes the address of the property.

Census records are only available up to 1911 due to the 100 years secrecy law.

Other information was gained by typing in the names, services or theatres of war.