We have been unable to trace this name in and records.

Initially it was thought that people enlisted with the regiment in the locale where they were born.

But many had moved for work and therefore enlisted with a regiment where they were living or even one which they felt more appropriate or exciting e.g. gunners, medical, transport etc. Or they joined the Navy or Air Force and were sent anywhere.



1: the initials are incorrect — this is most likely


2: he enlisted in Oxfordshire but came from elsewhere in the country


3: he died serving with another regiment.

If men were injured, returned home for treatment, they were sent back to the front with any other regiment.

Or if their regiment was decimated at the front, they were then attached to the survivors of another regiment.

There are well over a thousand persons named HARRIS listed in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

Each one has been thoroughly examined, especially those who are listed as having joined the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry.

A visit to the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Trust and ensuing searches have been unable to trace this person.

Please contact Carterton Town Hall if you have any information which might help.


A list of possible casualties

The first is the most likely, the C being written as A on the memorial.


Percy Cooper Harris Died 22/11/1915 age 24 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry

Son of James Cooper Harris, Sarsden, Kingham, Oxon. (Basra Memorial)


Thomas Alfred Harris Died 18/03/1916

Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry Basra memorial

1911 census

Albert Harris age 21 Farmers son from South Leigh, Oxon.


Arthur Harris a Baker from Witney Age 35


Arthur Harris age 31 Railway Platelayer from South Leigh, Oxon.


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